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Sona meme wheee

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 11:04 AM

Tagged by coyotesoot.  Now I can procrastinate on my classwork too, wheeee

 What is the name of your fursona?

• Where did the name of your Fursona come from?
Linnea is like an alternate version of my real name, except much prettier.  And I want that to be my name.

• What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
Lin is a maned wolf-deer-space creature, I guess??  I don't know, but she's a hybrid thing.

The reason why I didn't have a fursona in so long was because I never imagined myself being depicted as a "regular animal."  I always saw myself as more of a "strange creature" if I were ever to become something different.  Linnea was born from that belief.

• What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc
Well Linnea has quite a few forms, but her main form has kinda like a coppery gold fur color??  I dunno.  She has blue eyes in this form too.  In her other known form, she has fur that reflects images of space and white glowing eyes.  

Basically, her main form is supposed to represent me, and her fur and eye color are meant to be similar if not the same to my real hair and eye colors.  As for her Celestial form, I just really like space, so-- that's pretty much the only thing that made her look like this on the left of my journal here.  If you wanna get technical though, I guess her Celestial form represents how I want to become.

• What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?
She has about the same personality as I do for the most part.  I think she might be more graceful and noble though.  

Compared with the real me, I guess I'd call Linnea "flawless" by comparison because she's sort of what I want to be in the sense of personality.  I would very much like to be a tall hybrid deer creature though, lookit those antler.  I'd probably walk around like "hey, anybody wanna play b-ball??  My antlers can be the hoOP HAHAHAHHA"

Which is where Linnea and I differ because I'm a huge idiot.

• What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
Definitely that little heart charm she has??  It's kinda small, but I wanted to keep it realistic.  Basically, it's like two hearts linked to each other, and it's actually a necklace Devin gave me for Christmas the first year we were together.  Except for one time that it broke and I had to fix it, I have not taken it off since, and I put it on Linnea to carry out that tradition, and to represent just how important it was to me.  uvu  <33

• What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?
"Hey, okay, wow, I need you to stay right here so I can show my parents that there's a real life Liam Neeson standing here omg hang on, brb, you're cute, stay."

What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?
"The fuck is a Liam Neeson???"

((My dad couldn't say Linnea's name the first time he saw her, so the next time he asked who it was, he called her Liam Neeson by accident, so now everyone in the house calls her Liam Neeson, whoops.))

• How has your fursona changed over the years?
uh well Linnea hasn't really changed all that much??  I dunno, I don't know what qualifies as changing too much, but her main fur color changed.  Before, it was like this boring, gross gray, and she looked really bland, ew.  Now she has cute lil blue claws and rhombus-shaped markings, and I think she's pretty cute.  

I've only had her since like last year anyway, hahaha;;;  June 13th last year is when she was finalized, so yeah.  Not even a year.  

• Would you like to be more like your fursona?
In some ways, yes.  It'd be cool to become her whenever I wanted because I fucking love her, but other than that, her and I are very similar.  

Her only responsibility is guarding space and making new stars and other cool shit, and mine is just being a student at the worst community college ever, so---yeah.

• Now tag three people
who the hell here has a sona??
Oh well, these three are getting picked anyway.


uvu  <333


Okay, I think my hiatus is over

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 9:46 PM

I'm sorry about that, but I needed a break for a while.  I've been having a bit of stress recently, and I'm still worried about a lot of things, but I think things are clearing up.  uvu

With that said, I wanna say that I'm trying really hard to improve my art, and I've got a lot of stuff I'm trying to work on, I have a ton of ideas!  I've even made another tumblr for my art, so you can check out my art blog if you want, haha!  It's on a different account, but because I'm trying to force myself back into the tumblr scene, I'm gonna be on my personal blog more too.  

My personal blog is here:
My art blog is here:

My art blog is gonna have more WIPs, more doodles, stuff like that, but my personal blog may be more active.

Also, trying to get myself to update my weasyl too, so if you watch me there, prepare for an art explosion in the near future.  
My weasyl is RevenantxRhapsody too.  uvu

And despite people telling me not to get one, I might get an FA for the sake of watching some friends.  I don't like the community, and I don't like the staff or how they handle things, but I would like to see the art my friends have made.  uvu  

I have one week of school left, (actually, more like 2 I think, I'm not entirely sure), and then I'll be free from it, omg.  ;-;  

So a lot is going on right now, but I hope you guys are still with me!  Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

I'll get to work on my page soon, too, trust me.  xD


Hiatus maybe.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 6:20 PM

I just need a break from people, I think.  

I've been getting the urge to drop some accounts I frequent, like dA, and just starting off fresh, but I told myself that was a bad idea.

I've pretty much abandoned weasyl and tumblr, for some reason.  Weasyl because I guess it's kinda boring, and tumblr because I guess I don't appreciate the community as much, I dunno.

I've been wanting to delete my Facebook too, and just cut myself off of the people I barely tolerate because Facebook is full of total bullshit people, and I actually think I hate them.
It's the only way I can talk to Devin and our friend Brandon, though, and that is seriously the only reason I stay.  unu

Don't be worried about me, I just don't like people, as usual.  Just taking a break!  I need to focus on school anyway.  


Let the transformation begin.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 6:34 PM

Yep, the transition from my old spacey page to my new gamer page is starting now.  

I really hope everything works, oh man;;;

Also, sudden art explosion will happen, so just be aware.  ;-;

Thanks, that's it, ahaha;;;


Design a Werefuu! contest! ((update!))

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 7:56 PM

EDIT 4/1/14:  Time to start the contest!  Remember, you can only sign up for the contest until the 15th!  Please click the link below for more details!

Don't worry, this isn't an April Fools joke, haha.  xD  

Yeah, you can design your very own Werefuu!

The contest lasts the entire month, but openings to enter close on April 15th, so enter while you can!

Yep, if you wanna get in on the action, you'll have to go here and read this journal.…

Please comment there if you want to enter!


question again, help me??

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 6:32 PM

okay so i attempted to draw something smutty

and uh

I was all prepared to draw boobies and weewees and vejuhjuhs, but uh

the pose I drew them in literally censors all of that.  And I don't even know how I did it, honestly.

But anyway, it's my first "smutty" thing that I'll be uploading here, and since it's actually pretty clean for a "smut" piece, should I still use the Strict Nude content warning on it or just Moderate??

sorry im nervous to show smut stuff, im sorry, omfg;;;


Back home! QnQ

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 2:17 PM

And still having journal issues.  :'I

I just wanna preview the journal skins I make to see if they work, dammit;;;  :iconlazycryplz:

If anyone has any idea what to do, please tell me.  I'd contact the staff, but I figure they have enough on their plate as it is to deal with a minor journal problem.  ;^;

But yeah, I'm back!  ;_;

so tired


Help please??? Journal issues???

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 13, 2014, 5:40 PM

Uh okay so I reported having journal issues earlier

and I still have them. 
I'm making a journal skin for Shincovi and when I switch to it, the "submit journal" button like---shrinks???  Like the text on it goes away???

And after I switch to that skin, and I preview it, it shows the default dA skin.  That boring-ass light green color skin.  


Is anyone else having these issues?  And if so, is there a way to fix it???  Because seriously, this is getting ridiculous, it's been like this all day.

help, please.  PLEASE.


Video Game Page Ahoy

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2014, 5:22 PM


so I got bored with my page

and I'm gonna revamp it again.

Still gonna be super space-themed, but this time, it's gonna have that whole character-select shit like everyone else is doing.

Because video games and pixels are my life.

And I'm also uncreative.  And I like how that character select thing looks.

So yeah.  Just a warning, it's gonna change in the next week, perhaps.

Also, I made some space-looking commission progress bars for my page, but all you fine folks can use them too, so if you're interested, look for those.  uvu

Sorry I keep making journals, I'm kinda all over the place right now in terms of ideas, guh;;;


They need to make a journal title generator.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 3:49 PM

Okay, so Devin left earlier today, so I'm feeling really lonely.  :iconlazycryplz:

But other than that, I'm starting to knock out the stuff on my to-do list, so I'll get around to art in a bit, guys!  
I have a few ideas I wanna work on, as well as a little story for my OTP, (if ya guessed Revans, YA GUESSED RIGHT), but I promise, owed stuff will be taken care of first!  ;v;

Class is going well, unfortunately the internet here has given out for me more times than I can count because olD PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY DON'T MIX.  My grandfather thinks he knows everything about computers, and it kills me because this is the same guy who asked me how to copy and paste something, ughhhhh;;;

Yeah, but I'm fine and getting to work on important stuffs, I promise.  ;-; 

guh my bird is messing with my hair omg


Tired and hot, stop this madness //sob

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2014, 8:56 AM

I'm actually not dead, I promise;;

I'm still in this burning hell-hole of a state, but I've been really busy, so my time on dA and my art has obviously dwindled.  

I've been working on school and trying to sort out my ability to get my summer class, as well as spending time with Devin and some friends while also trying to get the sleep I need.  According to my doctor, if I don't want that weird throat thing again, I need to sleep a lot and also eat lots of fruits.

Fruits, yes.  Trying to find the right place and time to sleep, not so much;;  //cries

But anyway, I do have quite a bit of art stuff I need to do, including my birthday presents to both Kiibie and xShizuchanx, a custom Werefuu, and finishing up a journal skin and turning the roo design I did into a Werefuu so people can still own the design.  unu

I promise, everyone who I owe things, I will finish up your things soon!  ;-;  

Okay, just wanted to drop that by so everyone knows I'm not dead, I'm not, I swear;;;;


this is uncomfortable, ughhh

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 11:28 AM

I swear, every time I come down to Florida, it gets hotter than the previous time I visited.  Like not even 10 hours ago, I was wearing polar fleece pajama pants and a jacket, and now I'm almost in nothing but my underwear it's so hot, how the fuck do I function in this heat????

So obviously, (if you couldn't tell by my realization that I hate Florida), I have arrived and I'm safely in the confines of my "home away from home."  The plane ride was rather smooth and I actually don't feel like keeling over and dying despite having only gotten 2 hours of sleep last night;;;
I'll only be here for around a week for spring break, but sadly, I'll be working in college throughout my "spring break" because I don't physically attend a campus.  :'U 

As of now, I'm officially starting on my online college course, which is both advanced and accelerated.  So not only do I have only half a semester to do what normally is an entire semester of material, but I have MORE of the material to do within such a small amount of time.  ;-;  
I'm regretting my decision already, but I have no choice.
So since I'm starting my class, my art activity will drop significantly.  Anyone seeking customs or commissions should be noted that it may take longer for me to work on your purchase since my education will take priority.  

This is basically rehashing what my previous journal said, but I wanted to verify it again with everyone.  I'm working on a birthday gift for someone and also going to spend time with Devin when he gets here, so I'm pretty busy already, but I still may not be on much.  

So if you need to talk or note me, etc, it'll take me a while to respond.  Just a warning!

Thanks for reading, hhh;;


P.S.  Speaking of Devin, if you see a deviation from me called "Whatisthis" or something of a more..."random" nature appearing, lemme just say IT WAS HIM, NOT ME;;;

Art may decrease, but customs are still open!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 1:26 PM

Starting on Monday the 3rd, I'm going to be doing my accelerated advanced literature online course, and most of my time will be sucked up into that.  I'm also going down to Florida to have spring break with Devin, so my art will almost stop entirely for at least the next week.  

While I'll be working on my class, I'll still be accepting customs for all my species as well as commissions of all types, including journal commissions.  Keep in mind it's for cash though!

The reason I'm still accepting customs and commissions is because I'm probably going to need it relatively soon.  I plan on taking a summer college course and because I've been put on warning for this semester for dropping one of my classes, my F.A. may not pay for it OR the books I might need for it, so I'll have to use my own cash.  ;-;

Of course, soon I may be getting a job so I won't need to have customs, but I'll probably still be accepting them.  It really depends on a few things if I get the job though.  ;-;

So not a lot of stuff is going on, but it's still overwhelming because I'm not sure what to do.  ;-;

So sorry for my art being possibly delayed!


ohh my, i uh--wow

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 27, 2014, 1:46 AM

okay so--
wow, I can't--

Alright, so I foolishly let my inbox just sorta...fester there for a while, and now I, uh...

I have 79 pages in my deviantwatch box.

Honestly, it's difficult to manage anyway, but the urge to just clear it all out is so tempting...
but all that delicious art that I could be missing makes me wanna go through it, but my procrastinating skills are just too POWERFUL;;;



Everything's fine! ^v^

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 23, 2014, 12:15 PM

Everything is fixed now, the artist was very civil and mature which made everything quite painless and very easy to deal with!  ;v;  

I've deleted the previous journal to keep any future snoops away, though.  unu  I hold no anger or ill-nature opinions towards this person, so there's no need for it.  uvu  

For those wondering what happened, don't worry about it, it's nothing to worry about or concern yourself with.  uvu  

Thanks for everyone's support and advice though!  ;v;/  


Featuring Commissions!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 22, 2014, 10:46 AM

Because this person is pretty great, and you should check them out at least.

Shincovi has opened up some cheap point commissions, and for the level of art this bby is at, it'd be foolish not to commission them for something, like--hhhhhhGGG JUST LOOK???

Chibi Blorem by Shincovi Powerless by Shincovi

That's just two examples.
Like that deviation on the right??  If you commission her for that, it costs 100 :points: at minimum.  
So you literally would be totally dumb to NOT commission her for something because her art is great and hER PIXEL ART IS BEAUTIFUL, DO NOT EVEN COME AT ME UNTIL YOU'VE LITERALLY SAID THE WORDS "that shit is beautiful."

Also, she's a really good friend, and she doesn't have a lot of watchers, but she deserves SOOOO many more than she has, so if you could just check out her stuff anyway, just do it.  Just look through her gallery, and if you don't fall in love with her art within the first half of the first page of her gallery--

JUST LOOK, MAN.  JUST DO IT.  Please and thank you.  ;-;/  <33

If you wanna see her commission prices, go here:  
COMMISSIONS ARE ON HOLD:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:COMMISSIONS ARE ON HOLD:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
:star: My waiting list is to it's full capacity! Please come back once it's emptied.:work:
:star: If you have already commented before this note means I'll do your commissioin, if you find this after, please don't ask for one
I made new prices and new things that can be commissioned uvu
[Bullet; Blue] Mini reference sheet pixel or non pixel  77[Points]

[Bullet; Blue] Screenshot (simple) 65[Points]

[Bullet; Blue] Screenshot (complex) 98[Points]

[Bullet; Blue] Symmetric headshot (just animals please) 60[Points]

[Bullet; Blue] Realistic painting (bust) 100[Points]

BRB, gonna go commission her.  :iconrazycryplz:


I don't think I know what to do, actually.

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 20, 2014, 4:20 PM

Lemme give you what my day has consisted of.

Woke up at the even time of noon, changed the sheets on my bed and took a shower, decided to play Animal Crossing for a while, took a little nap, woke up and found out it was now past 4pm, watched a movie, and here I am at the computer at 7pm.

I literally have not done a fucking thing all day.

And I REALLY like it.

As such, I probably shouldn't feel bad about not working on art stuffs, but I do anyway, so--Whoops. 
I don't know what to do now, though.  I have a few things I WANT to do though, but I don't think I really know when I wanna do them;;

Here's the list so far:
- Werefuu! Lore start
- Werefuu! Newly Discovered Traits   (hell yeah)
- Werefuu! Detailed Trait and Price chart
- Refs of my Werefuu-bbys
- Refs of all my ocs, actually;;;
- Work on Shin's journal skin  (I won, remember that)
- Detailed Demon adoptable designs that I still need to work on
- Stop procrastinating on redesigning Linnea and her forms, Rev, get off your pale ass
- Possible name change, hh?????

I have quite the list going, and I probably forgot at LEAST 3 things.  :'I

I think I'm all caught up on my customs and commissions though, so I guess I have a break, haha;;;

Thanks for reading even though this journal actually wasn't important at all, whoops.  ;-;/


Slightly personal journal, ghghhg

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 5:10 PM

Okay so I felt like putting this journal up because I feel it's important.

Personally, I've had a lot of shit happen to me, and while I can still be sensitive in some areas, I try to develop a thick skin where and when I can so my sensitivity to those things isn't as extreme.  Being sensitive isn't a bad thing, but from my experience, I try to build up walls so that if I get hurt, it doesn't hurt as bad.  Trust me, this is in no way a pity party, but simply the way I've always worked.  I tend to bottle up emotions until it's absolutely necessary that those emotions break and overflow and I spend a good day and a half sulking and hating things more than usual just to feel like I can rebuild that bottle and collect those pent up emotions again.  Every now and then, guards are broken in areas, and things that wouldn't normally affect me make me...sad.  And nervous.

As such, venting seems really TOO personal to me since they're my emotions and I already feel iffy on other people knowing about them.  (by the way, I'm talking about ME venting, not other people venting, I don't mind that.  uvu)

Similarly, I don't like sharing stories about myself if I feel like they put me in jeopardy.  Or people I care about.  There are times where I feel like I'm putting a big black tarp over all my secrets so that other people don't see them because I'm afraid of how they'll respond.  So so so SOOO afraid.  Losing people is one of the worst things to me, I can barely deal with it, and losing people like close friends makes it even worse.  

What I really like is people who have open minds about things in general, people who are willing to accept ideas other than what they believe, but who are still firm in believing what they want.  I like people who can accept that the impossible is possible, but also expect proof.  And I also love people who are willing to talk to me about anything and not think that I will judge them and instead hope that I can help them.  And I want the same from them in turn.  

What I'm saying is that if there is something that bothers me, I want to come to people to tell them why it bothers me, maybe even tell them what situation I had that gave me these beliefs, and have them accept me no matter what in response.  People like that are the people who I think will be able to change so much about this linear and corrupt world we live in, but it has to start somewhere.  

Everyone has at least one ugly skeleton in their closet, and there will always be people who may want to tell others about it, but may be scared to.  It is an absolute PRIVILEGE to be that someone that hears of that skeleton because that person trusts you with something that they never thought they'd divulge to anyone.  That fear that they had all that time is being given to you to care for, and if you don't care for it the way they hope you will, and you're their friend....True friends accept each other no matter what.  Friends who slam the door in your face and want nothing to do with you after that skeleton is revealed are people who you never needed anyway.  

I just want to remind people, just...please be open minded.  Even if there are beliefs that you don't share, be open to them.  Nothing conforms to you and your wants and needs alone, that's why being open and willing to accept others and their beliefs, lives, secrets, feelings, etc is beautiful and helpful.  For all you know, you could save someone's life by doing that.  

Just keep it in mind.